Teaching with Technology

Educomp Digital Classroom Solution


Technology can have a reciprocal relationship with teaching. The emergence of new technologies pushes educators to understand and leverage these technologies for classroom use. As technology has improved, so has the way of its dissemination to the students in a qualitative manner. Digital Classroom Solutions provide interactive, visual simulations to aide in teaching simple and complex concepts in amlost every subject for almost every class.

We feel proud to have been associated with probably the best service provider in this field to cater the needs of our students in this respect. Undoubtedly, with these recent technologies in the classroom, strong conceptual knowledge can be achieved, as well difference between the way students are taught in school and the way they approach the outside world is tried to be seamless.

SRBPS Newsletter: Panorama

With the prime view of expanding new horizons for our students, we, in the beginning of the year 2012, launched our Ist quarterly Newsletter 'PANORAMA'. Panorama- true to its meaning, widens your vision in an interactive way by disseminating useful information about ourselves and the world around us. It at the same time tries to motivate students through its inspirational column. It also provides a platform to student by letting them express their views on current topics, showcase their talents in literary and art fields, and highlight their extra-ordinary achievements in scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

Every coming moments inspires us to do better than the one passed. These self-inspiring words will keep on encouraging us in many more endevours such as these, which are waiting to be explored.

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The way education is imparted today has changed dramatically. Parents today look for that small extra edge that one institution has over the other. Parents worry endlessly about the well being of their wards & are keen to know what's happening at the school & how their ward is faring.

School SMS System is an advanced text message information disbursal system which lets the parents to keep an eye on their ward's performance all the time and also keep them aware about any major or minor event and change taking place in school. Shri Rama Bharti School feels utmost pleasure to proclaim itself as the pioneer school to have intorduced such ahead-of-the-time facility for the parents in the school.

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School Almanac

This Almanac aims at establishing an invaluable link between teachers, students and parents. It is intended to serve as an all-in-one ready reckoner and planner for students; and as a means of communication between parents and the School to keep parents informed with what their children are studying at School, the curricular progress of their wards and to be used for convenient, day-to-day correspondence (related to academics and conduct) between parents and the School staff. It is very necessary that the students and parents read the Almanac together and understand the contents fully.

Download :: Almanac 2012-13

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