Highlights of the year 2012-13..

Walking on a Dream : A Glance at the year 2012-13

Every year at this time as the winter chill ends, we look back wistfully on the fading year and often ask, "What did we do?" "How was it?"
SRBPS has completed 19 fruitful years with various milestones. At the outset we thank the Almighty God for all the blessings rendered to us during these great years. Our journey started way back in 1994 with few students and staff. We have sailed a long way and grown to become the "SRPBS Family"
Through these years, we have grown from strength to strength - whether achieving newer goals or conquering mountains both old and new, SRPBS stands tall in glory of the many accolades it has won both at home and outside.
This year we have grown not only in number but also in achievements. Our students have left their mark in everything they put their hands on. For years we have been pioneers in quality education but this year in particular has been a mixed bag of literary, cultural and sports accomplishments.


At a time when people associate us primarily with academics, a miraculous and tremendous victory in football tournament paved the way to mark the genesis of a new era of opportunities to all the future sports aspirants. Almost all the premier schools participated in the tournament held on 27-28 October, 2012 hosted by Hardayal Public School. It witnessed the breath taking finals between PDM and SRPBS teams, It was a neck to neck finals and eventually we were declared the Ist Runners up. We had arrived. All credit goes to our very dedicated sports in charges Mr. Rajesh, Mr. Mukesh and Ms. Anita who didn't leave any stone unturned to train the students with a confidence coming from some other planet.


Came our ALUMNI MEET on 11th Nov. 2012. Undoubtedly, the most awaited and anticipated event in the school, for both students and staff alike. We had it for the first time and the response from our 'Old Students' was overwhelming. Our dedicated crew of teachers and supporting staff along with talented artists made this day a grand success. The choreography of Ms. Mamta, Ms. Jyoti & Ms. Smirti, the Sharpness and direction of Ms. Veerbala and the kathak of Ms. Priyesh rocked the Stage. Ms. Angela's little angels and Ms. Rachna & Ms. Jai Bala's Giddha won the maximum applause. The event was marked by festive fervour and unique presentations. The entire programme was co-ordinated by Ms. Anamika.


There are times when important things need to be done in short notice, they are bound to go haywire. But fortunately by the grace of God, we at SRBPS take it as an opportunity and a challenge, and look at every task as yet another milestone to cross. The creative Art and Craft team stretched their limits and found out some artistic and creative students, guided and encouraged them to portray the best in them by pouring out all their imagination on a sheet of paper in the Poster Making Competition sponsored by Axis Bank on 17th November 2012. The whole exercise paid off as it gave us a winner in Sunil who once again gave us a chance to celebrate and take pride in being a part of the SRBPS family.
Hope the tradition of winning continues...


Once again, to redefine our literary achievements, our journey began with the English Debate Competition held in D.A.V Centenary School on 29th Nov. 2012. Again all the premier schools of Bahadurgarh were part of it. Our brave contestants Aditi and Tinu had shown no signs of anxiety or panic. They were silent spectators observing each and every move as if waiting for their turn to outcast and overshadow one and all present there. Finally the moment came when we wanted to settle for nothing but the best and our tigresses stormed the whole show almost taking everyone by surprise by rendering outstanding views for and against the topic "FDI will help to improve the economic condition of the farmer and the country" registering their names in the winners list for maintaining their timing and content best above the rest.


When we got the circular for the Sahodaya Solo Dance Competition on 1st Dec. 2012 at KSM, everyone was confused as to who would take the initiative to train the Solo Performer in the right direction. Just then three pearls from the treasure chest of SRPBS came forward and volunteered to train the students in a very professional manner. "Solo Dance" was a challenge for the talented teachers who firmly believed in the saying, "Winners do things differently" and proceeded the training in a short span of time by taking care of every minute detail right from the selection of song to finalising the appropriate costumes for the same, and last but not the least, we got two incredible students in the form of Sakshi & Ishita who by their total dedication and immense hardwork transformed our dream into a reality by winning the 'Solo Dance Competition' (II Position) and also winning the hearts of one and all and making us proud at the same time.


The victory in the football Competition however uplifted the spirits of all the students and we could see streams of talent flowing from the quarters of our school, be it the Chess Competition or Table Tennis Competition. Our students have at last unveiled the magical formula of success.
The girls of our school, after proving their credential in various competitions, exhibited their power in the Inter School Table Tennis Competition on the 1st and 2nd of Dec. 2012 and came out with flying colours by winning the Table Tennis Competition held at Vijaya High School. the hunger for more triggered the adrenalin in the contestants and it was well received by a landmark victory and this time our goal was to better our performance and set another record to be remembered for years to come.
Now after participating and winning almost most of the prestigious competitions, we can proudly see ourselves in the 'league of achievers' and for us at SRBPS, the word 'impossible' loses its literal meaning and becomes 'I' m possible...'


Again this time it was the testing time for all the participants who were there to prove their mettle in the Sahodaya Chess Competition on 8th Dec. 2012 at Vijaya Sr. Sec. School. This time the girls got the opportunity to exercise their brain muscles to emerge as winners in the under 19 category Chess Championship and a strong answer to all the hypocrites who have underestimated girl power for years now. The rising stars in Girl Under 19 were Sanjana, Sumnil and Akshita.


At a time when people are basking in the glory of expensive products, we are committed to do things the eco-friendly way. It was an initiative taken by our creative team of Art and Craft where ideas transformed into reality and we came out with something productive and realistic. Best out of waste was conducted on 8th December 2012 to encourage the idea of "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" in a subtle way, where students form various classes participated and used all their creativity to turn the waste into something good. The waste definitely looked worthy as by the sheer efforts of expert hands it got transformed into something extraordinary and exemplary.


The Sahodaya Girls Basketball (Under 19) was held at a time when we had won a couple of championships in various sports events already. It became all the more special because it was hosted by our school on 10th & 11th Dec. 2012. Initially there were some inhibitions as this was going to be a major event first of its kind to be organised by our school. The whole event was a magnificent and memorable one right from anchoring to judging to exhibition of incredible performance by our very own daredevils 'the SRBPS Girls Basketball Team' who succeeded in making a name for themselves. Around ten teams from various schools participated and could not stop praising about our hospitality as being an ideal school for hosting major events such as this and carried fond memories of the same along with them.


In SRPBS, students are trained in such a way that they are well aware of all the important things which have to be remembered, while playing the various sports. It is not about winning or losing but the important part is participation and fair play. This is incredibly true, proven by the efforts of SRBPS. The Annual Sports Meet was a 3 days sports trip dedicated to various frills of sports such as Fun Race, Hurdle Race, Relay Race, Regular Race, Kho-Kho, Cricket, Discus Throw, Short Put, Long Jump and so on. It was held on 27th- 29th of December 2012. The main attraction of the event was the Teacher's 100 m Race, an ornamental event of the day. However, the endeavour is credited to all the teachers of SRBPS and special thanks to our sports in charges for this wonderful event.


"Wow!" was the expression of everyone who witnessed the 'Incredible India' poster made virtually true with its splendid shades of colour and design. The poster made by Parul of class X the excellent guidance of our Art and Craft teacher Ms. Anju won us 3rd position in Inter School Poster Making Competition.


Be it the field of education, aesthetic art, craft or sports, SRBPS has proved the wide spectrum of success in every field. Sahodaya Badminton Competition which was held on 7th and 8th Jan. 2012 marked another jewel in the historical crown. Our school girls achieved the 2nd position in the Jhajjar District of Haryana, while our school got the 3rd Rank for the overall achievement in Badminton Championship.


"Health is wealth." This was the main motto of our Winter Camp, which was held from 7th to 10th Jan 2013 in the school campus. To generate the awareness about sports and fitness, our sports-in-charges counseled and guided the students. As sports is an important part of life, various types of games such as Basketball, Badminton, Cricket and Skating were part of the endeavour. To make the event more interesting, creative, informative and innovative, an open Drawing Competition was conducted for all the students and staff. No. doubt it was a healthy, wealthy and innovative thrill of overall development of personality for every age group.


Dance is the graceful expression of the senses and SRBPS is fully equipped with the charm and glory of it. That is how we bagged II Position in Sahodaya Inter School Group Dance Competition at the district level. Among all the nine schools our girls showed their marvelous and mesmerising performance on 25th Jan. 2013 and achieved success. Isn't it amazing?


We at SRBPS believe in overall development, enhancement, enlightenment and skilful excellence of child in the field of Science and technology. However the main focus and stress about knowledge in not limited to theory only, but practical aspects as well. Therefore, to create realistic realm of scientific advancement, we gave a chance to our budding scientists to exhibit their creative and scientific idea in 'Science Exhibition' on 18th February 2013, and we were able to see young Faraday, Newtons and Edisons among them.
Marvelous still and working models, unique future building and structure, innovative science projects and electric gadgets made by tiny hands from Class I to X thrilled the heart of the viewers, visitors, teachers and students. The exihibits main attaction were blood group test, working elevator, finger print machine, wind mill, rain water harvesting, series and parallel connections, working dynamo, flour fire, firzy fun and list is endless. Hats off to the science faculty of SRBPS. No doubt, SRBPS is regularly providing an acknowledged platform to its students to excel, especially in the field of science and technology too!


On the crossroads of education and career making process, the teenagers often find themselves in a vulnerable situation. On one hand they presume a plethora of opportunities are waiting for them while on the other hand, they are completely confused about their career choices. Therefore in order to quench their thirst, we came up with the idea of career counselling workshop that was one of its kind and unique as it was presided over by a panel of eminent teachers who were instrumental in digging up all the possible career opportunities and shared the information via a common platform that has enlightened and enabled the students to choose a right career path in many-many ways they can brood about. This workshop incorporated both conventional and non conventional career choices. Besides this, we had also given them a fool proof technique to opt for a career like self assessment, various options available, compatibility, preparation etc. The workshop was followed by a interactive query session conducted by teachers equipped with detailed information in the respective fields allotted to them.
As a whole it was a learning, enriching and exuberant experience.

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